Who We Are


Charter Members

In 2015 a committed group of neighborhood activists recognized the need for quality grocery stores in food desert communities south of Interstate 30 in Dallas. They formed FEED Oak Cliff with the goal of recruiting stores to serve the more than 200, 000 residents living in an area larger than Metro Atlanta. They also began hosting an annual event, the Dallas VegFest, a free festival celebrating nutrition, health and environmental sustainability. They are passionate, creative and dedicated to the mission.

Transformative Market Project Team

What happens when Attorney, a Banker, a Public Policy Guru, a Marketing Expert, a Real Estate Investor, two brilliant Entrepreneurs and one Visionary walk into a room? Magic! This team of highly skilled, passionate leaders embraced the vision of building a grocery store in a food desert. With an awareness of the harmful effects of inadequate nutrition on individuals and communities, they determined to leverage their various professional skills to disrupt food apartheid in a major American city.