What We Do

Grocery Store, Restaurant, Classroom, Commercial Kitchen

Our Transformative Community Market is a community-based approach to transforming underserved food environments and increasing entrepreneurship in southern Dallas by creating a community hub designed as a single, yet comprehensive access point that includes a commercial kitchen, a community-based market and a community hub and gathering place that sells healthy, convenient food.


Our communities deserve a positive shopping experience, and we will provide that. Our vision is to build a community-based grocery store where fresh produce is abundant, and where quality food may be purchased at a reasonable price. It will be easily accessible, clean, safe, bright and welcoming. We will staff from the community and will pay a livable wage. We will provide job training that will be reflected in great customer service.


So many people are too busy to cook these days, so grabbing something quick and cheap is easy. Yet these are the same foods that contribute to the higher rates of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Food desert communities are overrun with these establishments. Our healthy bistro will provide only healthy ready-to-eat options that may be taken home or eaten on-site in a welcoming, family atmosphere. The seating space will also host hands-on cooking and nutrition education, as well as job and business management training.


There are a lot of good cooks in southern Dallas. But cottage-based chefs are limited to selling at festivals or farmers markets. Our commercial kitchen, that will prepare food for the bistro, will be made available on an hourly rental basis for those cottage-based chefs who wish to build viable food businesses by preparing their fare in a clean, inspected commercial kitchen. This will allow them to sell to restaurants, stores, hospitals and school districts. We’re looking for the next Mrs. Fields.